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Is Financial Modeling from EduPristine Worth It?

Hey there! Welcome back again. Let me begin by asking you a very simple question which is, did you know that the finance industry is eagerly looking for candidates with financial modeling skills? If you have done thorough research, then you might have observed the growing demand for certified Financial Modelers. If you are already working in the finance industry and haven’t yet built any financial model or aren’t aware of what a 3-way model is, then you have a lot to catch up on. 

Let us now understand the scope of the Financial Modeling course, followed by the most frequently asked question which is, is the financial modeling course useful? We will then discuss the institute that provides financial modeling courses with placement in Mumbai and whether financial modeling from EduPristine is worth it or not. Let’s quickly get started.

Scope of Financial Modeling course in India: 

  1. The scope of financial modeling application is very broad not just in India but globally as well, as the financial models are used for a variety of reasons like decision making, capital collection, internal planning, and helps in budgeting projections.
  2. Financial modeling is quite different from financial accounting, auditing, taxation, and other finance-related jobs. There are also no eligibility criteria for pursuing financial modeling, which is an added benefit and opens doors to various opportunities in the field of Equity Research, Investment Banking, Project Finance, Fund Management, and Commercial Banking.
  3. Many KPO’s (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) hire Indians who have the knowledge, and hence there is a huge demand for those candidates who know how to create various financial models.
  4. As the nature of the businesses is getting more and more complex, unpredictable, and uncertain, it is necessary to have a financial model in place as many companies prefer having a more structured model than traditional based models.
  5. The demand for certified Financial Modelers and experts has increased tremendously as companies today rely on financial modelers and experts and on data to foresee the future. Financial models help in the valuation of a business and help in comparison with peers in the industry.

How Useful is a Financial Modeling Course?

Coming to the most important question which is, is the financial modeling course useful? A big yes. The financial modeling course is very useful, and the more you dwell on it, the more you will appreciate it. In simple terms, financial models help in providing the answers to the questions that one is looking for. It is a very crucial skill, especially for all the finance professionals as it helps in making important decisions which are related to forecasting future raw material needs, valuation of a security, benefits of a merger, checking the investment requirement, portfolio performance, to identify undervalued securities, and most importantly to quantify and predict various forms of risk.

Financial modeling skills comprises of three main technical components, which are:

  1. Solid and clear understanding of Finance and Accounting 
  2. Business Acumen 
  3. Skills and ability to create financial models logically, neatly, and consistently by using Excel 

All professionals are capable of learning financial modeling skills. One might also argue that financial models may not be necessary everywhere, but once built and integrated, then there is no looking back as a good financial model provides all the necessary information that is related to cash flow, profitability, valuation, etc.

Is financial modeling from EduPristine worth it or not? Let’s find out:

  1. EduPristine is one of the leading training providers in the field of Accounting, Finance, Marketing, and Analytics and has modern and well-located centers in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune. 
  2. EduPristine provides the Financial Modeling course with placement assistance in Mumbai and has collaborated with the BSE Institute Ltd.
  3. The Financial Modeling course at EduPristine covers all the aspects of building various financial models like Discounted Cash Flow model, Comparative Company Analysis model, Sum-of-the-parts model, LBO model, (Leveraged Buy-Out), M&A model (Merger and Acquisition model), Industry-specific financial model, Option Pricing model, Corporate Finance model, etc.
  4. It is excel based on training and BSE certification is also provided to all the students enrolled with EduPristine.
  5. A dedicated discussion forum is also provided to all the students and provides after-course engagement too.
  6. Career Scope of Financial Modeling

  7. EduPristine bridges the skill gap and makes you job-ready by providing industry-relevant content where the training is conducted by subject matter experts. It also provides hands-on training which is case study based along with providing soft skills training.
  8. As discussed in the above point EduPristine provides additional soft skill training which includes Interpersonal Communication, Presentation skills, Time management, Email and virtual communication, Emotional intelligence, Decision making, and problem-solving, and provides training on Assertiveness and communication. 
  9. EduPristine makes students market-ready by providing them with frequent job updates, customized career guidance, resume preparation assistance, placement assistance, career services, and conducts interview skills workshops as well.
  10. Along with this, EduPristine also provides 24*7 LMS (Learning Management System) access with one-year validity. 
  11. EduPristine is more focused on students’ success and employability and has an excellent track record and pass rates.

The Financial Modeling course from EduPristine is worth it, and if you have finalized to pursue financial modeling as your career, then you must go for it. EduPristine is one such institute that not only helps you learn the technical aspects of financial modeling but also helps in making you market-ready. Good luck.