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Is the US CMA Course Appropriate for Working Professionals?

Hey there! Are you a working professional and want to pursue the US CMA course simultaneously while working full time? If yes, then this blog is a must-read. Let us quickly deep dive and understand whether the US CMA course is appropriate for working professionals or not?

US CMA stands for Certified Management Accountantand is a very structured program designed for working professionals and students. Working professionals can manage their full-time jobs and at the same time also fit this course into their busy schedules. 

Let us now understand the CMA course eligibility and who should pursue the US CMA course:

  1. All the candidates having an accounting/commerce background can pursue the US CMA course. Students who are pursuing their bachelor’s degrees are also eligible for this course.
  2. All the students who have just completed 10+2 and are looking for Commerce and Accounting courses can enroll for this course.
  3. Candidates wanting to have a global career and planning to shift abroad significantly in Canada, Middle East countries.
  4. Candidates wanting to have deep knowledge in management accounting must go for the US CMA course as this course helps in broadening horizons as well as helps in career progression.
  5. Candidates who are wanting to make a shift from a clerical role towards a more strategic role and want to have an impressive resume should pursue the US CMA course.

Let us now see what makes the US CMA course so unique and why should you choose US CMA as a career option?

  1. Being a gold standard in management accounting and being globally recognized across the world, the US CMA course will open doors to international mobility.
  2. Very structured and short-term program that has a total of two papers. It is regulated by IMA (Institute of Management Accountants), which offers this prestigious designation.
  3. This credential is highly valuable and most preferred by the multinational companies, Big 4’s in India and abroad, mainly in the consulting firms and in US-based organizations.
  4. Provides greater flexibility in comparison to other courses. The US CMA course has three exam windows in a year. The exam window can be selected according to the timeframe and strength of knowledge.
  5. This designation also offers access to IMA’s worldwide CMA digital network, providing opportunities to collaborate with fellow CMA’s that provide insights for a better career.

As we discussed earlier, the US CMA course provides maximum flexibility to the candidates, especially keeping in mind the working professionals. The US CMA course is not designed for candidates who are looking for an easy way to acquire this certification but instead demands professionalism, discipline, a thorough understanding of concepts, and dedication.

How the US CMA Course Can Benefit the Working Professionals?

Let us now understand how the US CMA course can benefit the working professionals:

  1. Acquiring this global credential would make candidates more employable and at the same time facilitate growth and development.
  2. The US CMA credential is considered the most sought-after credential in the finance industry. The US CMA course helps in being one step ahead, takes career to the next level, and is applicable in all parts of the world.
  3. The US CMA course primarily targets the working professionals who want to upgrade themselves and provides them with multiple career opportunities.
  4. The US CMA course also helps in securing senior management accounting positions with an increase in responsibility and increased compensation as well.
  5. The US CMA course takes a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of one year to be completed and can be done along with graduation as well as active employment. However, one needs to devote a minimum of two hours daily for at least six days a week.

The CMA course in India is gaining a lot of popularity due to its compact structure and flexibility. To know more about the CMA course full details, please feel free to contact our counsellors, who would be more than happy to assist you and help you make the right decision.

Let us now address the most frequently asked question that is, how to choose a training institute for the US CMA course?

The following points must be considered:

  1. Institutes that provide Becker study material and provide CMA exam review that helps to pass the CMA examinations in the first attempt.
  2. Institutes that have US CMA qualified trainers and are focused on student success.
  3. Institute that provides flexibility in terms of training (Classroom and LVC) and are present across multiple cities.
  4. Institute that provides mock tests, practice questions, extra classes for difficult topics along with doubt solving before exams, discussion forums, etc., and hard copy of study materials too.
  5. Institute that provides Soft Skills training along with career services that help in preparing students for a bright future.
  6. Institutes that provide a pool of experienced qualified trainers who are committed only towards providing the best.
  7. Institutes having locations nearest to the train/ metro/ bus services.
  8. An institute providing a great infrastructure along with clean and hygienic amenities.
  9. An institute that has years of experience in the training industry for Finance and Accounting and has a successful track record.
  10. An institute that provides flexibility in terms of service. (Switching from LVC mode to classroom mode by just paying the difference amount)

We wish you the best and happy learning.