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Text Functions in Excel

March 16, 2015

Excel is mostly about the numerical data, but at times you can come across the data which has too much text and that is the time when the following Text functions will help you to simplify the things easily.

1.  Left ()

You can use the Left function when you want to extract the leftmost characters from a string. Syntax =left(text, num_char)

Left string function in Excel

Similarly, you can also use the Right function to extract the rightmost characters from a string.

 Right string function in Excel

2.  Len ()

Len function in Excel helps you to know the length of a string that is number of characters in a string. Syntax = LEN(text)

Note – Spaces are included while calculating length.

Len function in Excel

3.  Mid ()

Mid function in Excel is used to extract the characters from the middle of a string. Syntax = MID(text, start_char, num_chars)

Mid function in Excel

4.  Find ()

Find function in Excel is used when you want to know the position of certain characters in a particular string. Syntax =FIND(find_text, within_text,[start_num])

Find function in Excel

5.  Proper ()

Proper function in Excel capitalizes each word in the string that is, it converts the case into proper case. Syntax =PROPER(Text)

Proper function in Excel

6.  Rept ()

Rept function in Excel is used when you want a certain text to be repeated certain number of times. Syntax =REPT(Text, number_times)

Repeat function in Excel

7. Trim()

Trim function in Excel removes the unnecessary spaces from a particular string.
Syntax =TRIM(Text )

Trim function in Excel

8.  Upper()

Upper function in Excel converts the text into Upper case from lower case. Syntax =UPPER(Text )

Upper function in Excel

9.  Substitute ()

Substitute function in Excel helps to replace existing text with a new text in a particular string. Syntax =SUBSTITUTE(text, old_text, new_text, instance number)

Substitute function in Excel

10.  Concatenate ()

Concatenate function in Excel helps to join the text of two or more cells. Syntax =CONCATENATE(text1, text2….)

Concatenate function in Excel

If you have any doubts or suggestions for us, then do let us know in the comments section below and we shall get back to you at the earliest.

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