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ACCA – Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

The role of strategic academic guidance in the life of a student is arguably important. If you are an accountancy aspirant seeking to scale heights of professional success in this domain, ACCA recognition is a must.

What is ACCA’s Full Form?

ACCA’s full form stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. It is a prestigious accountancy body whose membership is internationally recognized. With an ACCA accreditation under your belt, you can practice in domestic or international venues with equal professional dignity. The certification is an endorsement of your acquired accountancy skills which attests your command over diverse and complex advanced accountancy concepts. More than half a million ACCA certified professionals render their services in about 170 nations.

Advantages of ACCA Certification

The benefits of ACCA certification are innumerable.

  • You can suffix your name with ACCA designation. As a ‘Chartered Certified Accountant’, you can render your services for diverse financial or management domains and earn a handsome income.
  • Your prospects of landing lucrative career opportunities increase manifold times.
  • In a tenured job, your exhaustive skill set would earn you faster increments and promotions compared to MBA or similar degree holders.
  • You can also hatch your own independent consultancy firm. Since your knowledge would not be limited to finance and accountancy only, you can play an active role in designing organizational strategies.

This expedites your progression to a senior management role. The certification course is highly pragmatic in nature and addresses knowledge verticals from international accountancy and audit standards. ACCA certification is equivalent to a full-time university degree. You can balance work and your exams four times a year which happens in March, June, September, and December.

ACCA syllabus and exams

About Edupristine’s ACCA Guidance

EduPristine is ACCA’s gold partner has a distinctive presence in the academic world by virtue of being the largest and approved qualitative training provider for succeeding in ACCA exams. More than 5,000 professionals and students are strategically guided every year to get through the ACCA exams confidently.

Why Edupristine to prepare for ACCA Exams?

ACCA is a broad-based certification that opens the doors for diverse rewarding careers in accounting, banking, management, and consulting. You can easily reach influential senior roles in organizations by leveraging your skills with ACCA course.

  • We offer comprehensive and cutting-edge guidance for all 14 papers in ACCA comprising of ‘Knowledge, Skills, and Professional’ levels.
  • We help you become entitled to exemptions granted to individuals by ACCA based on your previous qualifications.
  • You can start preparing for ACCA Knowledge level with us just after completing Intermediate with Commerce.
  • You can access Edupristine classes on the go from multiple devices.
  • Top notch trainers would extend all possible academic assistance to help you succeed. Professional grade IT conferencing system from Citrix is used for streaming ‘Live Online Classes’.
  • Chat and voice support facilitates real-time interaction with faculty during online classes.

Edupristine offers complete assistance in registering for ACCA. Standard textbooks by Kaplan are provided as study material are provided as study material. You can improve our efficiency during actual exams by participating in simulated online exams. Exhaustive video classes for each topic are available. You can access study materials online or download them to complement your study.

Since we now have a clear understanding of ACCA, let us also compare ACCA with CA:

  1. ACCA is globally recognized which is in more than 180 countries whereas CA is meant for Indian professionals and is valid only in India.
  2. ACCA provides a time limit of a total of 7 years for completion of the ACCA course. However, it can easily be completed within 3 years even for a student who starts from the knowledge level. Whereas a candidate pursuing CA may take up to 5 years depending upon the difficulty level and a student’s caliber.
  3. ACCA provides a lot of flexibility in terms of writing a single paper every quarter whereas in CA you must mandatorily attempt for a particular group.
  4. The only limitation for pursuing ACCA is that you do not have any signing authority in India whereas CA’s have the authority to sign any auditing report in India.
  5. Many CA’s complete CA and then do ACCA to avail 9 papers exemptions but hardly you will find any ACCA professional studying CA after completing the ACCA course.

The ACCA course subjects are as follows:

  1. Knowledge level: The knowledge level includes topics like Business and Technology, Management Accounting, and Financial accounting.
  2. Skill level: The skill level includes topics like Corporate and business law, Performance management, Taxation, Financial reporting, audit and assurance and, financial management.
  3. Professional level: The professional level consists of two compulsory topics which are strategic business leader, strategic business reporting, and consists of four papers which are advanced financial management, advanced performance management, advanced taxation and, advanced audit and assurance out of which two optional papers are mandatory.

If you are someone who wants to excel in the accounting field and want a global accreditation then ACCA is a must for you. ACCA course is one such course that focuses on all aspects of accounting which includes both management accounting and public accounting. It also covers international accounting and auditing standards which are acceptable in the majority of the countries.

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