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All About the Social Media Careers and the Skills to be Mastered

Hey there! Happy to have you back again. Did you know that social media careers are taking off? Well, social media professionals are now in line for the C-suite. Fast forwarding to today, one can become an expert in several specialties offered, each requiring different interests and skill sets. This blog is a must-read for you to understand these options better and to have better clarity on which one to pick. Let us quickly find out.

Before we deep dive, let us understand what the current state of social media careers is.

How many of us use social channels for discovering new products or for even sharing reviews? Most of us, right? Social has become the go-to channel for almost everything and to tap into this growing opportunity, marketers are rethinking the entire structure of their social teams.

Today, there are plenty of job opportunities available for those who are interested to build a successful life around social media. Let us now see what these skills are needed to build a successful career around social media. The journey to becoming an expert may vary for candidates as some get to kickstart with an internship whereas others believe in earning a social media master’s degree. Such variations in career paths create more opportunities for those who are aspiring to get into social media marketing.

Beneficial Tips for Building Core Social Media Skills

The beginning may look daunting but using the following tips can be beneficial for building core social media skills.

  1. The art of copywriting:
    • The good thing about social media platform is that it allows brands to get more experimental with their tone and with their voice. In a social media role, it is crucial to determine how to position your brand’s persona into a social identity.
    • This can be learned by writing the same copy multiple times for different brands. The key here is to understand how a brand like BMW or Mercedes is likely to make an announcement compared to other brands like Apple or Microsoft. 
    • Understanding those nuances is the key to writing articles that are not only attention-grabbing, but which also connect well with the anticipated target audience.  
  2. Industry-Specific skills:  
    • The trends seen on social media move fast. A successful career on social media also may depend on your ability to keep up with such trends.
    • Making it a routine to read about how consumers are using their favourite social media platforms can help in staying ahead of trends.
    • This may also provide insights on what are the factors that drive engagement and patterns seen frequently. 
    • Learning how to interpret data and take actions accordingly is another important skill set that must be mastered by those who love numbers. Let us understand it more in detail in the next point. 
  3. Data Analysis:  
    • It has been reported that social analytics are actually driving proactive decision-making at top brands which are impacting everything from revenue to customer experience in a good way. 
    • As an expert, you will need to provide insights to everyone involved including internal stakeholders and that’s exactly why you will need to communicate the story behind any given set of data. 
    • Marketing analytics is a great way to track customers to understand them better without actually having to ask them. 
    • Your website may look great but may not perform as you hoped for. How would you know this? This is exactly where Digital Marketing Analytics would help. By tracking the data, you will be able to figure out exactly where you’re doing great and where you may need some work. This is covered in depth under the digital marketing course syllabus.  
  4. Having a creative mindset: 
    • Can you think of your favourite social media campaign? It probably went a step ahead. The campaigns that manage to rise above the clutter have one thing in common for sure that is clear creative direction. This could extend beyond visuals alone. 
    • The creative direction could also mean proper campaign pacing, voice, tone, and multimedia formats.
    • Most of the social media hiring processes include brainstorming exercises that help you be prepared to showcase your talent at a moment’s notice. 
    • Creativity is important in marketing because it drives originality. Likewise, originality also drives better creativity, and this combination helps in coming up with new and original ideas repeatedly. 
    • Thus, because of original ideas consumers are more likely to remember your brand which leads to higher brand recall.  
  5. Customer service:  
    • Social media can soon become the primary channel for customer service and support. Today consumers are turning to brand’s public profiles to seek assistance, solve grievances, and everything in between.
    • All those who are seeking to build successful careers around social media will also have to tap into their inner customer service tone to handle such requests. 
    • It goes beyond responding to comments and DMs in a very polite and timely way. 

Job Title in social media

Some of the job titles that can be grabbed after mastering these skills are as follows:

  • Social media specialist
  • Social media manager
  • Influencer marketing manager
  • Content Creator
  • Data Analyst, and a lot more. 

So, you must be wondering where to look for jobs on social media. Well, there are several companies who are looking to expand their social media teams but where exactly can you find them? LinkedIn is the best platform when it comes to hunting for career opportunities. The best part is if you enroll in EduPristine’s Digital Marketing Master’s Program, you will be eligible for placement assistance along with complimentary soft skills sessions. 

If you love brainstorming, creating content, and engaging with target audiences then a career in social media would be the right fit for you. Set yourself apart by enrolling in the Digital Marketing aster’s Program offered by EduPristine to learn more about social media marketing, content marketing, and a lot more.

There has never been a better time to break into this field. To know more about the digital marketing course in India, feel free to get in touch with our counsellors. Good luck and happy learning!