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Digital Marketing in the Next 20 years

Hey there! Do you wonder what digital marketing will look like in the next 20 years? If yes, then this blog is a must-read for you. Engaging in digital marketing is more like playing a video game. The game can take a sudden turn anytime, and you have to figure out which tools can help you reach the next level and make you win ultimately. It is estimated that the strategies and practices we implement today will feel like a whole new world by 2028.

Signs that your Digital Marketing Strategy isn't working

We all know where marketing is today. But where exactly is digital marketing heading? Let us deep dive and understand what does this mean for businesses? We will also discuss a few of the common signs to look for if your digital marketing strategy isn’t working as planned.

  1. Evolving SEO:
    • Did you know that SEO practices have been in existence ever since we have search engines? Search engines are quite useful in locating information.
    • The SEO trends have drastically changed from what they used to be in the last 30 years. Earlier, keyword stuffing in the metadata of websites was the key to rank on the search engines as it was the most efficient way for the search engines to locate information about a page.
    • Currently, search engines compare keywords and consider the context of the content to rank the site.
    • It is believed that as algorithms develop further, this keyword/ context relationship is likely to become even more nuanced.
    • These advanced algorithms, with the help of AI, will be able to better evaluate images with or without Alt tags.
    • For digital marketing agencies, it means having strategies that include original images and videos with greater relevancy to the content of a particular page.
  2. Micro-Influencer relationships:
    • The generation that is growing up watching YouTube and Instagram stories will continue to identify the most beloved influencers they see daily.
    • This means that agencies and brands will continue collaborating with these micro-influencers to reach smaller and dedicated target audiences.
    • Brands and agencies that begin working with such micro-influencers will now be able to capitalize on the growing relevance to their clients.
    • This will provide opportunities to all the digital marketing agencies as they will be positioned to offer their expertise, such as knowledge and other services, and their managers can help them develop greater social media outreach.
  3. Wider Accessibility:
    • One of the major challenges that still exist today in the digital marketing domain is that not everyone has the same kind of access to the internet.
    • Over the last 30 years, we have seen a drastic change as technology has managed to lower costs while continuing to improve accessibility.
    • This trend will continue for the next 20 years, which means online marketing companies will have to work relentlessly within communities to help their businesses engage with a wider audience.
  4. A multi-tasking world:
    • As we have discussed in previous blogs as well, AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual reality) continue to evolve in the digital marketing landscape.
    • Both are likely to become the primary way people engage as both consumers and companies tend to integrate virtual and physical worlds.
    • Thus, digital marketing agencies should pay utmost attention to augmented and virtual reality developments, which means increasing the accessibility of sites, creating interactive content, and developing reactive sites.
    • Preparing for AR and VR requires us to be ready for several changes such as being dependent on smart devices, considering the ever-evolving crypto economy, and interactivity in digital entertainment.
    • One point that needs to be noted is that Artificial Intelligence, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Influencer Relationships, accessibility, and multitasking are the foundations for robust technologies.
  5. Artificial Intelligence:
    • AI will soon become an integral part of advertising. Many digital marketing agencies just look at the future of AI-generated ad content. But it is necessary to consider the other side as well, which is user-initiated AI.
    • After 20 years, kids who are now growing up with Hey Alexa may not necessarily ask for a search query.
    • Instead, they will be relying more on smart devices that will help them carry out daily tasks in real-time.
    • For example, a consumer may simply demand Google to purchase a birthday present for a close friend, and their phone will do just the same.
    • All digital marketing agencies need to familiarize themselves with developments to optimize voice search.
    • Efforts must be taken to encourage consumers to browse websites through voice commands.

Thus, to conclude, it is of utmost importance to stay on top of industry changes and trends. Keeping an eye on the current trends will help you avoid being caught off guard down the road.

Coming to the most frequently asked question, which is, what are the common signs to look for if a digital marketing strategy misses the mark?

The following signs are to be considered:

  • The value isn’t there: In simple terms, if your costs outweigh your returns, then it is time to reconsider your entire strategy.
  • Optimizing the strategy isn’t making a difference: When those mid-game pivots don’t make a difference, then it is necessary to adjust marketing tactics to save the campaign.
  • Things are working in reverse: If you start seeing more red than green, then it is a very clear indicator that your digital marketing strategy needs a replacement.

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