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5 Reasons why you should pursue the CPA course after CA

CPA course, also known as Certified Public Accountant (CPA), is a globally recognized designation and is the highest standard of competence in Accountancy. If you are ambitious and looking to enhance your career after CA, the CPA course is the right thing to do. Pursuing the CPA course after completing CA will enhance your experience in the world of accounting and finance and provide a broader spectrum of jobs to choose from.

The CPA course exam consists of 4 papers, which can be completed in under 18 months depending on your pace and qualifications. The CPA course exam is administered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), which is the world’s largest accounting body.

Here are 5 reasons why you should pursue the CPA course after completing your CA.

  1. Employment benefits:
    • The CA qualification will open a lot of doors for you, but with a CPA license, there will be more employment benefits. You will get to work with multinational companies because you will have IFRS and US GAAP knowledge, and since there is an increasing demand for international accounting knowledge in Indian companies, they prefer candidates who are well versed with it. The CPA course is extensive and covers a wide range of topics like law, analytics, taxation, auditing, evaluation, regulatory frameworks and procedures, ethics, planning, and management of finances.
  2. Global Opportunities:
    • Since CPAs are professionals certified by AICPA, they have better chances of getting recruited by MNCS. If you clear your CPA course and get certified, you can practice it globally. The CPA course after the CA will provide more global recognition and give you better salary benefits. After you complete both these courses, you will be a dual-certified professional, which will add immense value and respect to your profile. The CPA certification will give you a better and more in-depth understanding of the accounting procedures and standards used worldwide.
  3. CPA License:
    • If you successfully clear your CPA course exam and get the required experience to get the CPA license, you will be able to use the CPA title while signing documents. To obtain the CPA license most states require at least 1-2 years of relevant accounting experience under a CPA. The CPA license also has added benefits such as the signing of tax returns, audit reports, or you can be an owner or partner of a public accounting firm. So, choose a course that will help you excel even more in your selected field.
  4. Less time consuming and Convenient after CA:
    • You can complete the CPA course within 14 months under the right training and practice. If you have completed your CA, learning the CPA course syllabus will be considerably more convenient and easier for you. After completing your CPA course you can work in a wide variety of areas like Assurance services, Forensic Accounting, Tax, and Financial Planning, International Accounting, Internal and External auditing, etc making them multi-talented with additional skills. Since you are already skilled in CA, cracking the CPA course exam won’t be as hard and time-consuming, and you can score well.
  5. Higher Salary:
    • There are a lot of benefits of doing the CPA course that will help you land a job with good compensation. For a lot of people, CPA has been the gateway to work with MNCs and a majority of the people consider salary benefits while applying for a professional course. Statistics show people with dual certification, i.e. CA and CPA, earn more than those who have done only CA. If you are looking to earn more money, you should look at the CPA course as an investment because there will be numerous benefits that the diversity of a CPA license offers.

Study CPA Course With Becker Partner

CPA Course Eligibility:

  • To be eligible for the CPA course, a candidate must be a post-graduate and preferably have a commerce background. Candidates who have any of the following qualifications can appear for the CPA course in India.
    • Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
    • Member of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants in India.
    • Member of the Company Secretaries in India.
    • Master of Commerce.
    • MBAs

Indian CA’s with B.Com are also accepted by quite a few states in the US. However, the exact criteria will vary from State to State.

CPA Course Duration

  • It takes around 12-18 months to clear the CPA course and only then you can apply for the CPA license. You must complete 150 hours of the CPA course semester to obtain the CPA license. Some of the jurisdictions also require a separate Ethics examination before applying for the license. To be eligible for the CPA license, you need to complete the four-part assessment in 18 months.

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