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How to Level up the Overall Digital Marketing Strategy?

Hello there! So good to have you back. Did you know that more than half of the brands today either lack a well-defined digital marketing strategy or haven’t adopted one yet? In this blog, let us understand why a digital marketing strategy is essential and the components that must be included. Let us quickly get started.

Well, a digital marketing strategy is essential as it provides a sense of direction, outlines the objectives, and most importantly mentions the steps that must be taken to get there.

Ways to Level up the Overall Digital Marketing Strategy

Here are some ways to level up the overall digital marketing strategy.

  1. Digital Advertising:
    • The traditional and the most popular method of marketing is advertisements. An advertisement can either be generic or can be more focused on a specific marketing campaign.
    • Digital advertising also works in the same way as physical advertising. For example, adverts can pop up on the internet when customers are browsing or reading something. Adverts can also pop up on social media platforms when customers are scrolling. 
    • Advertising is a great way to draw attention. However, it is important to not overdo adverts as some people dislike adverts and find them intrusive. 
    • It is equally important to make sure that the advertisements draw the line between catching the eye and at the same time not being annoying. 
    • There are four basic categories for digital advertising. They are pay-per-click (PPC), display ads, social media, and retargeting ads. 
    • Digital advertising also tracks the audience in real time using consumer data to understand consumer demographics, interests, and behaviours. It also helps in increasing brand recognition, produces high-quality leads, and promotes product sales.  
  2. Content Marketing: 
    • Content marketing includes a wide variety of marketing techniques that are designed to be educational, informative, and valuable. 
    • The most common kinds of content marketing include blogs, articles, infographics, videos, and other creative content pieces to achieve organizational goals. 
    • A content marketing specialist is known for evaluating the target audience and identifying the type of content which will effectively deliver the desired message.
    • Digital content marketers should also develop proficiency in publishing and distribution in addition to producing blog posts, bite-sized videos, podcasts, and other assets. 
    • Content goals are generally centered around brand awareness although lead generation and customer conversion are key performance indicators. 
    • Another content marketing strategy that can improve traffic to the website and attract more customers is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).  
  3. SEO Strategy:  
    • SEO, or search engine optimization, is the technique of optimizing the website with certain keywords so that both (the website and its web pages) rank higher in search results. 
    • A well-planned SEO strategy can boost the visibility of the website and increase the chance of a potential consumer interacting with the brand. Some of the best SEO practices are:
    • A mobile-friendly website, incorporating relevant keywords after conducting proper keyword research, having a range of good quality backlinks, improving voice searches, enhancing the user experience, and making use of local landing pages to target local searches. 
    • Another way to make use of keywords is by adding backlinks to webpages that link to both websites and others. This also makes it easier for search engines to find the webpage, thus enhancing the likelihood of them appearing higher on SERPs.  
  4. Social Media Marketing:  
    • Did you know that a successful social media strategy has several advantages such as brand recognition, business visibility, and website traffic? 
    • It is crucial to include social media best practices while developing the social media strategy. These include choosing the right social media platforms for the target audience, posting at the right times for maximum engagement, maintaining a regular posting schedule, and constantly tweaking the plan in response to results over time. 
    • It is social media that provides a rare opportunity to interact directly with potential customers, answering their questions and sometimes even playing a role in customer service. 
    • Likewise, if customers appreciate the products/services offered to them, then they have a public way to say so.  
  5. Video and Animations: 
    • Videos and animations are likely to play a part in all the digital marketing strategies mentioned above. You may have also come across video advertisements, particularly television commercials or even internet ads that play a very short video to capture your attention. 
    • Videos are more noticeable compared to any static image. Images can attract the eye, but videos with motion graphics and sound have even more potential to draw attention. Even if the sound is not included, people are more likely to spot something that moves over a static image. This is exactly why video advertisements can be so effective. 
    • Another useful thing about videos is that people can see the product/service for themselves and can even get a demonstration of how useful it can be for them. 
    • Another thing to ensure is that the content to be used should be of high quality. Professional video content can make your brand look more competent and reliable.  
  6. Email Marketing: 
    • Email marketing is one such tool that aids in all aspects of marketing, right from generating leads to retaining and boosting sales. 
    • To have relevant traffic and leads, the focus must be on the buyer persona so that a personalized message is sent to the target audience which is also properly optimized for numerous devices. 

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