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I Desire to Get an ACCA Degree, but the Tuition is too Expensive. Why is the ACCA Course Expensive?

Hey there! So good to have you back again. Today, we will be answering the most frequent question which is, why is the ACCA course tuition fee too expensive? We will also be answering other questions like what is ACCA course fees, what is ACCA course details eligibility, and what are the ACCA course details in India. Let’s quickly get started.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let us first understand, what is ACCA course?

  • ACCA stands for Association Chartered Certified Accountants and is a professional course that is globally recognized and suitable for all those candidates wanting to build a career in the field of Accounting and Finance. 
  • The best part about pursuing this course is that this course can be pursued simultaneously along with graduation and provides a lot of flexibility in terms of writing exams which makes this course furthermore attractive. 
  • The entire ACCA course consists of a total of 3 levels which are the Knowledge level, Skills level, and Professional level. 
  • The Knowledge level has a total of 3 papers, the Skills level has a total of 6 papers, and the Professional level has a total of 4 papers and one module, which is the Ethics module. 
  • ACCA course requires a total of 3 years of work experience, which can be done either after completing the Professional level or after completing the Skills level.

What is ACCA Course?

Is ACCA course like CA course, or is there any difference?

  • ACCA course is pretty similar to CA, but the ACCA course is globally recognized, unlike CA. 
  • ACCA course also has three levels like CA, but it provides more flexibility as one can appear for at least one paper every quarter, and a maximum of 4 papers every quarter. 
  • Whereas in CA, one must compulsorily write the entire group at once. This makes quite a big difference in the passing rate too. 
  • Hence CA is comparatively much more difficult compared to ACCA. Another factor contributing to this is that the supply of CA students is much more than the demand of CA. 
  • Whereas in ACCA, the demand is very high as compared to the supply as not many people in India are aware of the ACCA course, and CA is considered as the highest qualification in India, followed by MBA. 
  • This provides negligible to very few chances for students to stand out from the competition.

Let us now discuss the ACCA course eligibility along with the fees structure.

  • ACCA course can be done by anyone and everyone interested to build a career in the field of Accounting and Finance. 
  • Students who have completed 10+2 can also enroll for the ACCA course and start from the first level, which is the Knowledge level. 
  • Students are awarded certain exemptions based on their previous qualifications. Students who have completed CA get the maximum number of exemptions of total of 9 papers, provided they have completed and CA.
  • If you need any further clarity on exemptions, you can check the ACCA exemption calculator or get in touch with our counselors, who would be more than happy to assist you and guide you regarding the ACCA course. 
  • The investment for people who start from the Knowledge level would be around 3.5-4L, covering the tuition fees and ACCA fees (Registration + Annual Subscription, and Exam fees). 
  • People writing only the Professional level would have to invest about 2 L, which would include their tuition fees and ACCA fees (Initial Registration + Annual Subscription fees + Exam fees, and Exemptions fees). 

What is the Scope of ACCA in India & Global?

Scope of ACCA in India:

  • ACCA is one such prestigious course that is recognized globally and provides an array of job opportunities in India and abroad. 
  • ACCA is a long-term accounting course that helps in building credibility and provides an edge to one’s resume. 
  • The course curriculum is well designed and is continuously updated, which helps in developing industry-relevant knowledge, skills, and professional values. 
  • The big 4’s and MNC’s now prefer ACCA qualified candidates as they are now aware of the ACCA qualification. 
  • The ACCA course also helps in shifting to a more strategic senior management role rather than just a clerical role.

What is ACCA Course Eligibility?

Coming to the most important question which is, why is the tuition fee too expensive?

  • Yes, no doubt, the ACCA course is expensive. This is because it is an elite qualification, and it is not for everyone.
  • One of the major benefits includes getting a platform to interact with your peers globally, which is not possible in the case of CA.
  • Yes, no doubt, the ACCA course is expensive. This is because it is an elite qualification, and it is not for everyone.
  • ACCA is not a degree but a professional accountancy qualification and is not that expensive considering it is a UK course which is a rich country, and the fees are quite at par with other qualifications. 
  • We would recommend that you enroll yourself with the approved learning partners of ACCA to get additional benefits such as partial waivers on the exemptions. 
  • Also, if you learn from an approved learning partner, then you can also clear your examination in the first attempt itself, which helps you in saving extra money rather than paying additionally for re-attempting an examination. 
  • It’s better to invest once at the right time and at the right institute.

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