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Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing

Hey there! So good to have you back again. Wondering what marketers have been doing so far in 2022? If yes, then this blog is a must-read for you. In this blog, we will cover the latest marketing trends that can be used for the rest of the year. Let us quickly find out.

The continuing efforts to roll out 5G, rapidly evolving data regulations, and the fear of recession have drastically altered the digital landscape so far. This has created some new challenges for marketers. Once 5G attains high adoption rates, investing and creating innovative and powerful videos will become a must for all aspiring digital marketers.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends

Below are the top 5 digital marketing trends:  

  1. Improving data independence:   
    • Did you know that over the past few years, consumers have become increasingly concerned about how companies use their data? This has forced digital marketers to gear up and take control of their data collection as google will be eliminating third-party cookies in early 2023.  
    • It is believed that marketers will lose access to plenty of valuable data along with targeted ads, in their current form at least.  
    • We already know what happened when the brand Apple changed its privacy policy for iPhone users. Facebook’s stock witnessed the biggest drop in a single day. 
    • Businesses are now preparing themselves for this massive change by gathering customer data through email marketing, CRM tools, surveys, and social media interactions.   
  2. Live streaming:   
    • The dominance of video marketing is not something new. 5G is likely to change the complete landscape of video accessibility.   
    • Live streams will now buffer instantly, that too in HD. This will provide an opportunity for viewers to access the live content and allow marketers to respond to their needs in real-time.   
    • Until now, one of the main challenges faced by digital marketers was placing interactive ads on their digital channels because of heavy data consuming features.   
    • With 5G, this will no longer be a challenge, and it will provide access to ads, videos, and various other features that are highly interactive and personalized.  
    • It will be ideal for marketers as viewers prefer spending 3x more time watching live content rather than pre-recorded content.   
    • One of the best examples is the brand Sephora. Sephora’s shoppable live streams are a perfect example of how brands can connect with their customers by giving a personal touch while offering practical value. When this happens, products barely need any pitching.   
    • So, does it end here? Probably not. Livestream selling begins with a solid strategy. It involves developing your tone, incorporating your brand’s identity very creatively, and investing in resources that make videos look dynamic, fun, and eye-catching at the very first glance.   
  3. AR/VR experiences in 5G:  
    • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have been around for a while now. However, they are more popular and widely known in the gaming industry. With the advent of 5G, all this will be changing.  
    • With 5G, mobile users will have the bandwidth for a seamless AR/VR experience.   
    • Online shopping has reached its all-time high as AR is being widely used for providing product demos, furniture trials, and even the virtual fitting of our clothes. Major brands such as Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, and Lenskart are following this suit.   
    • VR is also changing the nature of interactions with consumers. Today, with the help of VR, brands can transport their customers to immersive spaces like courtside at an NBA game. Sounds interesting, right?   
  4. Art of virtual storytelling:   
    • A standard blog post isn’t going to cut it anymore. Customers are highly attracted to and prefer reading blogs, articles, and stories with videos and images that create an immersive experience rather than simple text.   
    • It is not because of a low attention span but a part of our brain’s learning mechanism. It is reported that most people are visual learners, which makes it easier for them to recall and relate to visuals. This also leads to higher engagement. Did you know that visual content is 180% better than just text alone?  
    • Brands can now leverage 5G to simply turn articles or the entire website into a story vehicle. This can be done by adding animations to blog posts, having video-based product descriptions, and a lot more to boost visual appeal.   
    • The best part is that there is no need to have a high production budget. This can be done by expert graphic designers by making use of motion graphics and using stock footage, which can further add depth to the content.   
    • To understand this better, you can check Gucci’s website, which is currently doing some of the best visual storytelling at the moment.  
  5. Value-based marketing:  
    • In a way, social media has turned brands into people. It’s even given them voices and personalities because of which consumers today expect brands to have value like real people.   
    • Hence, brands must offer more than just a solution to their problems. Sustainability and diversity are at the top of consumers’ list of most critical values, and they are willing to abandon brands that don’t resonate with these values.   
    • The world’s best-known brands such as Apple, Disney, and Ikea have abruptly exited the country that’s become a global outcast.   

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Thus, to conclude, the invasion of Ukraine is a perfect example of how far brands are willing to go to demonstrate their core values in 2022.

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