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What are The Benefits of Pursuing FRM Course (GARP)?

You must have heard about the term FRM or Financial Risk Manager several times, but ever wondered what exactly is FRM, how does the FRM course help students and working professionals? Today we will be learning everything about the FRM course. We will also be discussing how to apply for the FRM course, what is the FRM course eligibility in India, and the benefits of pursuing the FRM course. Let’s quickly find out.

Let’s answer the first and the most frequently asked question, which is what is the FRM course, and details about the FRM course? FRM stands for Financial Risk Manager and is a course offered by GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals), which is globally recognized and is considered as one of the most premier certifications for all the aspiring financial risk professionals dealing in the financial markets.

The key points that we must keep in mind are:

  1. After completing the FRM certification the basic job profiles would revolve around risk identification, risk analysis, and risk management for various projects that Financial Risk Managers would be working on.
  2. Financial Risk Managers have a specialization in managing various forms of risks and are mainly associated with banks, insurance companies, regulatory agencies, accounting firms, and also asset management firms.
  3. The various job profiles that can be expected after successful completion of the certification are Risk Analyst, Operation Risk Officer, Risk Consultant and, Credit Risk Specialists.
  4. What is FRM Course (Financial Risk Manager)

    Let us now understand the scope and eligibility criteria to pursue the FRM course in India:

    The most important aspect for any field today is automation, and the finance field is no different. The FRM certification can provide you with plenty of new opportunities in the field of Finance, IT, and Analytics. The process of risk management allows organizations to predict emerging and future threats which includes building a strategy to reduce the aftereffects. Events like Covid-19 and other financial threats have shown the importance of risk management.

  5. The FRM certification can help you differentiate yourself from other professionals in the finance industry and help you become a part of the global elite club.
  6. None of the courses can guarantee you a job, however, the FRM course can define your career path. The FRM certification makes it easy for the candidates to get placed as they have a good understanding of how financial markets work and it requires two years of work experience to obtain the FRM certificate.
  7. GARP has approximately 150,000 members present in 195 countries, which gives a good networking opportunity. The members are quite valuable and provide a good learning opportunity as well to learn more about the technical systems.
  8. What is GARP - Approved Prep Platform?

    Let us now understand the eligibility criteria to pursue the FRM course and how to apply for the FRM course?

    There are no such eligibility criteria to appear for the FRM examination. Any final year student about to complete graduation is also eligible to sit for the FRM part 1 examination. However, there are a few criteria to obtain the FRM certification, which are as follows:

    • A student must clear both the parts of the FRM examination 
    • Must have a minimum of 2 years of work experience in the relevant field 
    • Must also have active membership of GARP

    Let us now understand the process of how to apply for the FRM course:

  9. One can make the registration by visiting the official website of GARP and book a slot for the part 1 examination.
  10. The next step is to clear the part 1 examination and then register for the part 2 examination once the student feels confident. 
  11. The third step is to get 2 years of work experience in relevant fields like portfolio management, risk consulting, trading, industry research, etc.
  12. Once this is completed, all the candidates who have appeared and cleared both the part, which is part 1 and part 2, will have to demonstrate this professional experience while describing the job role undertaken in Financial Risk Management. After submitting this description, GARP will include this in its registry and Certify you as a Financial Risk Manager.

    What are the Benefits of Doing FRM Course?

    Let us now understand why you should opt for the FRM course:

  13. Making money is everyone’s dream, and there is nothing to hide about it. Getting a professional certification like FRM will open doors not just locally but globally as well. Getting certified can make a huge difference in salary, perks, and bonuses.
  14. Getting this certification also helps in demonstrating your competency, confirms your proficiency, and showcases discipline and career commitment, as acquiring this certification is not that easy. It requires dedication, a focused mindset, and a willingness to learn.
  15. This course has just 2 main parts and can be completed easily in a year, which also depends on the student’s caliber and amount of time a student can devote.
  16. Pursuing a career where your interest and passion lie also helps in greater job satisfaction. Instead of again and again switching jobs and roles, one can have a better focus and become an expert. After all, self-fulfillment has a higher value as compared to the salary drawn.
  17. Certified professionals also tend to regularly update their knowledge and skills. This is an added advantage that many employers seek.

The path towards a rewarding career can now be met by pursuing certifications like FRM. Great income, professional recognition, and client satisfaction are now within your reach. What are you waiting for? Enquire today and kickstart your career with FRM. Happy learning.