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What are The Top Skills a Commerce Student Must Have?

Hey there! So good to have you back again. Did you know companies are more inclined towards selecting candidates who possess the appropriate job skills? Worry not, because today we will discuss certain skills a Commerce student must have. These are a few skills that you can develop within a short duration of time. If you have recently graduated with a degree and have between 0-2 years of work experience, give this one a read. Let’s get started.

Top five skills a commerce student must have:

  1. Good knowledge of MS Excel
    1. Having a good knowledge of how MS Excel works is vital for all working professionals today. Having stronger Excel skills can open doors to leadership opportunities as well. Excel is one powerful tool used widely by organizations, corporates, and for managing daily business operations. 
    2. Excel helps with Marketing and Product Management, Finance and Accounting, Human Resource Planning, Customer Data, Tracking product sales, Work Scheduling, Automation of business tasks, and Expansion of business activities. 
    3. Handling big data better is also possible with Excel. 
    4. It has been observed that having advanced Excel knowledge also increases an employee’s value.
  2. Basic knowledge of taxes:
    1. It is advisable that all graduates must have a good grasp of central and state government taxes like income tax, excise tax, service tax, etc. 
    2. Along with these taxes, it is also very important to have knowledge about the GST and other related modifications in the existing taxation system. 
  3. Financial analysis
    1. It goes without saying that a graduate must have knowledge of financial analysis if the preferred choice is to work in corporate finance, investment banking, and other major financial roles. 
    2. Good knowledge of statistics is an added advantage. Having good analytical and quantitative skills helps in solving complex problems and is treated as one of the key skills in any position at every level.
  4. Communication skills
    1. Being able to communicate effectively is perhaps of utmost importance. Professionally if you are seeking a promotion or applying for a new role, then you certainly need to demonstrate good communication skills. 
    2. With the advancement in your career, the importance of communication skills also increases. 
    3. This includes your ability to speak, ability to listen, question, and write with clarity and conciseness. These are the skills that good managers and leaders must possess.
  5. Problem-solving skills
    1. graduates are expected to have the ability to draw practical, economical, and effective solutions to all the problems which are related to day-to-day business operations.

Still confused and need some more options before you decide what to pursue after

  • The Business Accounting and Taxation program, also known as the PGP-BAT course, is one such course that all graduates must consider pursuing. 
  • It is also meant for those candidates who have 0-2 years of work experience and are wanting to upskill and make a shift towards an office-based high-profile job. 
  • Individuals wanting to master important accounting tools can also select the PGP-BAT course before making an entry into the corporate world.

Let us now discuss the PGP-BAT course details, PGP-BAT course salary, PGP-BAT course duration, and a review of the PGP- BAT course by EduPristine.

  • The PGP-BAT course is an excellent career option for all the graduates as it is meticulously designed by industry experts to groom candidates and make them industry ready for all the accounting job roles. 
  • The PGP-BAT course details are as follows:

PGP-BAT Course

The syllabus for the PGP-BAT course includes the following modules:

  1. Module one consists of topics like Basics of Accounting and Accounting in Tally 
  2. Module two covers topics related to the Basics of GST and GST in Tally. 
  3. The third module includes Basics of Income Tax and Income Tax in Tally 
  4. The fourth module comprises Payroll and its components 
  5. Excel for Accounting and MIS are the topics covered in the fifth module 
  6. Module six covers topics related to the Finalisation of Financial statements 
  7. The seventh module covers BUSY practical 
  8. SAP is covered in the eighth module 

Are you wondering about the PGP-BAT course salary too? Let’s have a look.

  • The average salary offered to candidates after successful completion of the PGP-BAT course ranges between 2-8 Lakhs per annum. 
  • A few of the top employers are Accenture, HDFC bank, and eClerx.

PGP-BAT course duration is as follows:

  • It takes a minimum of 5 months to master these skills, which also depends on how much a candidate can focus and devote time. 
  • This course is beneficial for all the freshers having a Commerce background and for those professionals having work experience between 0-2 years.

Review of the EduPristine PGP-BAT course

Review of the EduPristine PGP-BAT course

  • Wondering where to pursue the PGP-BAT course? We got you covered. Let’s have a look. 
    • EduPristine is one of India’s leading training providers in the field of Accounting, Finance, Analytics and Marketing. It has a large alumni network of more than 60,000 students and a faculty pool of 250+ industry experts catering to PAN India.
    • The lectures are divided into separate modules which focus on conceptual understanding and practical implementation. The entire course covers 9 modules, 14 projects, 4 software, and 4 certifications after successful completion of the PGP-BAT course. Placement assistance is also provided to all the candidates. You can also view the current job openings: Click Here
    • Soft Skills training, which is essential for all professionals, is provided free of cost to all the students who are enrolled with EduPristine for a minimum of 6 modules.

Soft Skill Training

The Soft Skills training includes:

  1. Effective business communication 
  2. Interpersonal communication 
  3. Email and virtual communication 
  4. Interview preparation 
  5. Presentation boot camp 

What are you waiting for? Here’s your chance to upskill and transform your career by enrolling for the PGP-BAT course. Happy learning and all the best.