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What is the Reality of a Career in Digital Marketing?

Hey there! Welcome back again. Do you wish to get better clarity on what is the actual reality of a career in Digital Marketing? If yes, then this blog is for you. Read further to know more about what digital skills are in demand, what is the Digital Marketing course salary, and the most frequently asked question, how do I start a career in Digital Marketing with no experience

Did you know that during the lockdown period, especially during the quarantine period, the number of social media users drastically increased by 11%? It roughly increased from 3.4 billion users in the year 2019 to about 3.78 billion users in the year 2021. Not just this, in the year 2020, the media uploads also drastically increased by 80%, which means people invested more time watching and posting videos. What does this indicate?

  • Well, it’s not the typical 9-5 anymore as many people today are still working from home and have also chosen remote working as their preferred lifestyle moving forward. 
  • If you remember, Twitter was one of the first companies that announced having a work from a home model where their staff can work from home “forever” if they wish to, and this is the reality of a career in digital marketing. 
  • Marketers don’t even need a physical workspace today. All that is required is a creative mind and a strong internet connection, and this is the main reason why generating the content behind the scenes is necessary as the pandemic has permanently shifted people’s work schedules.
  • Digital Marketing as a course has a lot to offer. If you are someone who loves coding, then you can become a web designer, or if you are someone who loves writing, then you can become a content writer or maybe start freelancing as well. 
  • The field of digital marketing is such that it doesn’t require any special degree or any specific graduation background. This answers the first half of the frequently asked question which is, can I start a career in Digital Marketing with no experience? One can, without any doubt.
  • But, how do I start a career in Digital Marketing with no experience? The short and crisp answer to this question is by getting your hands dirty. It&rsquo’s the only way one can get hands-on experience in the field of Digital Marketing.
  • Digital Marketing Course Advantages

  • The first step is to get a basic and clear understanding of what digital marketing is and the various buckets of digital marketing. The next step is to build a website, probably with a .com extension, and finally integrate Google Analytics to monitor traffic, bounce rate, number of sessions completed, etc.
  • The best SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) practices can also be implemented to make your website rank higher on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). There is no sure-shot way to do it. However, this can be achieved by having good quality backlinks, by doing proper keyword research, consistency in posting, authentic content, and by having a lot of patience along with other technical SEO aspects like having an attractive landing page, website speed, creating a phenomenal user experience, and by building an internal linking structure. This will lead to having a higher domain authority. 
  • Higher domain authority will ultimately lead to having more organic web traffic and SERP rankings.
  • One must master these skills to have a very strong hold and must have a very close eye on the latest trends too. The highest paying skills are SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay Per Click), Google AdWords, and Google Analytics along with other skills such as Content Marketing and SMM (Social Media Marketing). These skills are of immense value. 
  • This should answer the second question which is, what digital skills are in demand? Hence, Digital Marketers are more in demand than ever before as the marketplaces are more closely connected, and undoubtedly it is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable careers out there. This is the main reason why the majority of the students today prefer pursuing the digital marketing course.

Apart from this, there are certain other skills we would recommend:

  1. Mastering skills like managerial skills and leadership skills are very important. This can be one of the greatest assets any candidate can ever have. Having good communication and great observation skills can help in the long run and can also help in securing the highest paying jobs.
  2. Research skills are another set of very crucial skills. It is very important to research the keywords before creating any kind of strategy or running any campaigns.
  3. Building a very strong network and having a very strong presence across all the social media platforms is a great way to get started and experiment along the way.

While applying for jobs, especially for freshers, one must keep in mind that employers in the digital marketing industry look for candidates who can adapt and build on and most importantly possess the skills relevant to the industry.

Digital Marketing Landscape

Coming to the third very important question which is, what is Digital Marketing course salary?

The salary of a Social Media Executive would be roughly around 1.5L-3.5L per annum. The salary of a Digital Marketing Executive would be around 3.1 L per annum. The salary of a Content Creator would be around 4.7L per annum. The salary for an Email Marketing Executive would be around 3.4L per annum. The information provided is based on an average and is not the exact salary as it would also depend on your expertise and years of experience.

We hope that this concludes and provides better clarity on the reality of having a career in the field of Digital Marketing. We hope that you are inspired and now all ready to kickstart a successful career in the field of digital marketing. Happy learning!