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Why are Mr. Men and Little Miss characters all over the social media?

Hey there! Welcome back again. If you’re on social media, you must have probably come across Mr. Men and Little Miss Characters which are currently trending on all social media platforms. So, who is Little Miss? Here’s everything you need to know about this new social media trend.

The iconic colourful emoji-like characters are being used to highlight and present renowned characters with more nuanced, hyper-personalized depictions with humour. Did you know that Mr. Men and Little Miss were series of books launched in 1971 and 1981? The series was written by the British author Roger Hargreaves, themed on a specific character trait. The most special thing about this series was that it introduced a new character along with their unique personality trait to convey a moral lesson. 

This time around, from toxic traits and insecurities to illness and emotional trauma, users have perfectly seized on this meme to express personal aspects of their own lives. On the other hand, social media also provides this platform where people can speak and express themselves more freely in a more authentic light with complete flaws that are becoming increasingly common. And it seems to be working!

On Twitter, some of these posts have scored over 60,000 likes. Not just on Twitter but on Instagram as well, the hashtags #LittleMissMemes and #LittleMiss have received over 5000 and 404,000 posts, respectively. On TikTok, the hashtags #LittleMiss and #LittleMissTrend have received 103.3 million views and 1.6 million views, massive right? This made brands trend jack memes on social media where Starbucks was one of the brands that decided to ride the wave along by tweeting “Little Miss shows up late with ice coffee”, while LinkedIn also joined the trend by tweeting “Little Miss gives up on a job application if at all, it requires a cover letter”.

Surprisingly, this trend has become such that TikTok now even has a filter allowing users to discover which “Little Miss” they are. About 5000 videos have already been posted with this filter. What started as kid’s books have now turned into a legitimate Instagram takeover, with the Gen Z creating their own Little Miss, followed by a unique hyper-specific quality about themselves. Many users believe that these colourful, four-fingered, recognizable creatures from childhood are more relatable than ever. Several users are using this trend for everything right from calling out their emotional instability or even hyping themselves up.

These memes started as a way for users to speak candidly about their mental health, physical struggles, and even insecurities for that matter. Users got a chance to resonate with other people and provided laughter towards less light-hearted topics. Thus, this form of emotional expression has now transformed into individuals calling out their red flags. Users are no longer keen on keeping their insecurities a secret. Some also believe that “Little Miss” is attacking the internet, some are having fun looking at these memes while some are scared at how accurate these memes are.

This is exactly what is known as Moment Marketing. Brands try to insert themselves in the ongoing conversations to bring relevance to how they market.

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You must be wondering what exactly makes moment marketing work?

Well, they are two reasons:

  1. People are always plugged in and just a few taps away from finding and forwarding the latest content, be it memes, a social media post/tweet, or even viral videos. What is surprising is, that half of the YouTube subscribers between the age group of 18 and 34 say that they would drop everything that they were doing to watch a new video immediately from their favourite YouTube channel.
  2. Embracing and seizing the moment to publish creatives that cleverly riff on events happening in the world at a given moment certainly gives marketers an edge over competitors, to stand out and be memorable.

Moment Marketing any day wins over traditional marketing because unlike a typical TV commercial or skippable YouTube ad, brand communications that incorporate events, TV shows, or news feel less forced and artificial. Moment marketing in general is more appealing, more real, and engaging.

Brands can acquire a loyal following by putting out content that perfectly captures their brand personality that too consistently. Netflix does this perfectly by channelling its sassiness with always being on point. Netflix is known for sparking spontaneous conversations with its target audience and never fail to make use of customized marketing to suit local taste. 

Did you also know that memes are a great way to reach millennials who spend 4-5 on an average daily? These same millennials love sharing memes to make others laugh with a casual reference to brands.

The key to success is also by tracking all the marketing efforts. Creating and brainstorming campaign ideas is just one part but having the ability to collect and calculate data to gain valuable insights is another which is of prime importance.

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