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Will digital marketing replace traditional marketing?

Hey there! Welcome back again. One of the most frequently asked questions we often get is, will digital marketing ever replace traditional marketing? Let us find out:

Well, let me start by asking you a very simple question; what was the last ad you remember watching on television? Or the last ad you read till the very end while reading a newspaper or a magazine? We may not be able to recall it very immediately because all of us are today bombarded with so many ads that we tend to tune out or even stop noticing it altogether. The main reason for this is that such ads are mass targeted and not meant to meet individuals’ specific needs.

You would have also come across ads that you may be able to recall easily and might have even purchased as a result of such ads that are more intended towards you. This is because advertisers and marketers try to align their goals with the target group’s behaviour or the area of interest. This helps the advertisers to create a niche and target them, which leads to having more qualified customers and ultimately leads to increased profits.

So, is traditional marketing still relevant?

  • We all agree with the fact that digital marketing has evolved drastically over the last few years and gone from using basic banners to having a wider social outreach and now uses various SEO techniques for ranking higher on the search engine results page.
  • Digital marketing today has become more sophisticated as it has started using cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence, analytics, and most important, personalization to get noticed. 
  • This in turn helps in having a good brand recall and brand association and helps customers move from the awareness stage to the consideration stage. 
  • Once the customers reach the consideration stage, fewer efforts are required to persuade them to act and move on to the last stage, which is equally important and known as the delight stage. 
  • This can be another source of revenue generation as referrals are an organic way to achieve sales targets without even having to spend extra money.

For the longest time ever and even today, traditional methods are used in the form of flyers, banners, newspaper ads, billboards, tv ads, and even radio. Such kinds of traditional media channels were used as people primarily used such channels to know more about new products and services. Let us also understand how different digital marketing is from traditional marketing?

It is being assumed that someday digital marketing may replace traditional marketing. The major disadvantage with traditional marketing is that campaigns cannot be optimized and return of investment cannot be measured easily. It can only be determined by measuring the units sold. Whereas, digital marketing helps in analyzing data in real-time, and accordingly campaigns can be altered/paused. Metrics help in keeping track such as CTR (Click through rate), reach, impressions, viewership, etc. Let us now compare the various factors:

Factors Traditional Marketing  Digital Marketing
Return on investment Cannot be measured easilyCan be measured easily
Effectiveness and expensivenessLess effective but more expensiveLess expensive more effective.
 TrackingNot possibleIt is very much possible in real-time
 Targeting Standardized Customized
 CommunicationOne way communicationTwo-way communication
InterruptionsThe ads cannot be skipped, and customers are bound to watch themThe ads can be skipped by customers which do not interest them
 EngagementLowComparatively high

With all such benefits, digital marketing has now become a buzzword. Let us now understand who all are eligible for the course and the digital marketing course syllabus that is covered under the digital marketing course.

Details about the Digital Marketing Course?

Who should pursue the Digital Marketing course?

  1. All the graduates from any background with or without prior work experience.
  2. Marketing Managers and executives can also join this course to increase their confidence.
  3. All the budding entrepreneurs wanting to work smartly must enroll in this course.
  4. This course is also for all the career changers who want to make a shift and are interested in the digital marketing domain.
  5. This course would also benefit all IT professionals.

The topics covered under the digital marketing course are: 

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 
  2. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) 
  3. Social Media Marketing 
  4. Email Marketing 
  5. Affiliate Marketing 
  6. Funnel Marketing and Growth Hacking 
  7. Web Analytics
  8. Content Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization 
  9. Marketing Automation 

Top reasons to choose the Digital Marketing course as a career option:

  1. Digital Marketing can be pursued by all the graduates as there is no specific qualification required. Candidates from all backgrounds are eligible.
  2. Digital Marketing as a career option also provides exposure as it is the spine of every industry. It has, therefore, become an interesting profession today.
  3. Digital Marketing also provides freelancing opportunities. Such services do not demand any physical space, rather the focus is on having a comfortable environment.
  4. A career in Digital Marketing facilitates numerous other roles as well. For example, one can also be an entrepreneur and a Digital Marketer. This provides multiple options and space to the newcomers. 
  5. Digital marketing provides multiple career opportunities as many businesses have started working smartly by investing in digital marketing and thus, making it one of the highly paid professions.

Let us also understand if it is easy to provide placement to freshers.

Digital marketing course with placement is easily available to all the freshers and help working professionals switch from other fields to the field of digital marketing. To know more about the Digital Marketing course, feel free to contact our counsellors, who would be more than happy to assist you. All the best and happy learning.

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