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FRM Question Bank

October 13, 2015

For every exam, time management is very important and everyone wants a precise course content in a prioritized manner along with the key questions which will help them to understand the concept in less time.

There have been many discussions about which materials are best to use while preparing for the FRM exams. Some people will refer to the study material provided by GARP, some will look for question banks – a precise way to learn various topics. Rule of thumb is to start studying with easy topics which require less effort; after understanding the basics proceed with the advanced topics along with practicing questions.

Here we are providing a set of questions from various sources which might help you while preparing for the exam however this is not all what one has to study. The sample questions below show only the formats used in FRM exams.
Click to view Study plan suggested by GARP

Question Bank for FRM

Below are the links to various sample question papers which you can practice while preparing for the exams.

More Questions

Free Study Material

For becoming FRM, practicing questions only will not help .One has to study each and every topic. To learn more about the various other topics you can download free study material for FRM.

More Free downloads :

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In case of further doubts, you can post your questions on the EduPristine forum!

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