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How to Work On a Digital Marketing Project for Practice?

Hey there! Welcome back to another blog. We will be discussing the tips on how to work on a digital marketing project for practice. We will also be covering complete Digital Marketing course details. Let me start by asking you a quite simple question, did you know that digital marketing as a careeroption has recently become a buzzword? Before we dive deep, let us first understand what digital marketing is and why it is in much demand nowadays.

Digital marketing, which is also known as online marketing, is mainly used to connect with potential customers and promote one’s business. It is comparatively cost-effective and targets potential customers narrowly when compared to traditional marketing. As the name suggests, digital marketing makes use of the internet and various forms of digital communication. This medium not only makes use of social media, email marketing, and web-based advertising but also makes use of text and multimedia messages as a marketing channel.

To develop any skillset, one needs to have the practical experience to master it. The same is in the case of the digital marketing course as well. As a fresher, while taking up any project, it is necessary to show relevant practical experience and the ability to implement all the theoretical knowledge learned. But the actual question here is how to start and from where?

What is a Digital Marketing Course?

Here is a list of a few tips and tricks to get started. If you are a fresher or just a beginner in the field of digital marketing, then this blog is necessary for you:

  1. The first step is to contact some good digital agencies: Digital agencies are a wonderful place for learning concepts from scratch. All those who are interested can approach digital agencies to evaluate their campaigns. Most of the agencies do have someone in-house resources, but additional resources can be helpful too. One can get exposure to the most critical aspect of digital marketing, which is analytics, by helping agencies with engagement rates, return on investment, resources spent, and other important metrics. This idea is preferred by many candidates today.
  2. To get started, one can learn SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) first, which is comparatively easier. Once you learn the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), you can pick various websites, analyze and suggest the keywords that can be used to optimize results. Along with this, one can also try to create excellent quality backlinks by practicing white hat SEO techniques. The key to ranking higher on the SERPs is quality content, which also needs to be consistent across all the social media platforms. SEO is completely organic, which requires a lot of patience and very few resources.
  3. If you are someone who has a little bit of knowledge about how Google AdWords work, then you can also start exploring SEM, which stands for Search Engine Marketing. SEM strategies are used to run paid advertisements on search engines. This is exactly at the top of the SERPs and has an ad mentioned on the extreme left. This is the opposite of SEO and requires a lot of resources in terms of money and someone who can spend time creating various ad copies. This aspect of digital marketing is especially important as it helps in driving traffic onto the landing page, which is mostly the homepage for any website. This is a key metric, and many businesses rely on this. As a fresher, one can create strategies and suggest them to potential employers.
  4. One can also get their hands dirty by creating a website, which would ideally be the best. This would help in understanding all the aspects of digital marketing, right from SEO, SEM, Content creation, to SMM (Social Media Marketing). This will help in creating and driving traffic which later can be monitored by making use of Analytics. Analytics can help in understanding important metrics like the number of sessions completed, bounce rates, average session time, and the exact web pages the potential customers are browsing. This would be beneficial before starting a full-time career in Digital Marketing. The major benefit is that you can also add this to your portfolio and get an edge over other freshers.
  5. Did you know that you could start your career just by researching keywords? Yes, there are many types of keywords like short tail and long-tail keywords. As discussed, you can start by picking websites, analyzing the keywords used, and suggesting other performing keywords with a measurable outcome. Keywords play a key role in increasing the visibility of the websites, increasing profits, and overall revenue. Various tools can be used for this purpose, like Google Keywords Planner and Google Trends.

To understand how digital marketing works, one can start by blogging. Once you get exposure to blogging, you will also understand how SEO and other algorithms work. This will boost your confidence and will also allow you to handle various clients’ portfolios with greater ease. To get started, one can purchase a domain name and integrate it with WordPress. Start with what your tone would be like while writing, topics that would be written, and how frequently would you be able to post it on the portal. Google Trends will come in handy if you want to know more about what people are searching across the world.

What are the Topics covered in Digital Marketing Course?

To summarise, one can take up many projects and keep practicing. The key here to succeed is by being updated on all the latest trends. In the long term, these projects will help in building essential skills like strong researching skills, SEO tactics, blogging, etc, which would help one kick start their career in Digital Marketing.

If you are looking for a digital marketing free course with a certificate just to get a feel of what it looks like to be a digital marketer, then you can check out Google Digital Garage, which would help in getting an idea about what all is covered under digital marketing and would create a stronger base.

Does EduPristine Provides Placements To It’s Students?

Apart from this, one can also enroll in a Digital Marketing course. Many institutes provide Digital Marketing courses in Mumbai. One such institute is EduPristine which not only provides Digital Marketing course training but also helps in placement assistance. You can contact our counsellors, who would be more than happy to assist you to take the right step.

What are you waiting for? Start your digital marketing journey today. Happy learning.